Many years ago I received a greetings card depicting a small dog in an ostensibly empty room with bare floorboards and a single shade-free lamp hanging from the ceiling.  In a thought bubble above the dog’s head was a picture of a fairytale palace.

We have come across many people like that dog who live in properties eligible for a GBLU(Great British Lash Up) award, who will say, almost apologetically, ‘But it’s very nice inside.’

What do people REALLY want from a property?  A Sea View perhaps, even though it may just be a grey smudge on a very distant horizon.

I will declare an interest here – we live in a converted stable in the middle of a town.  They call them ‘mews cottages’.  With a little imagination you can still hear the horses moving around.  And smell them !  But then nobody asked the horses if they minded if we moved into their pad.  So here we are almost two hundred years later.

Bye for now. . . . .see you next time.


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