We’re Back !

We’re back !  Have you missed us ?

Due to the bitter weather we have been indulging in the British national obsession with TV based property programmes.

Our viewing led us to the following conclusions.  Excluding new-build houses, which are of no interest to us, the remainder were split into three types:-

Houses which retained their design both inside and out.  These were a minority.

Houses which had been altered and extended (oh how the British love their extensions) and had ended up as The Great British Lash-Up.  Most of these were unsellable.

The last category were barn conversions which in this day and age are few and far between, with the result that most so-called ‘barn conversions’ are actually former cowsheds, stables, pigsties and in fact any agricultural building which could be converted for human habitation.

Find us a barn and we will give you a palace !


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